new rulesWhat’s new in the Rules of Netball

In July 2017, there were some small changes made based on feedback from member countries to provide further clarity around aspects of the Rules that were uncertain in practice. These amendments will apply from January 1 2018.


Below is a link to 6 short video explanations of the rule changes, as well as a PDF documents of the changes and the new 2018 Rule Book.

New Rule Book: pdf Rules of Netball 2018 Edition (1023 KB)

  pdf Amendments to rules of netball 2018 (426 KB)   

  pdf Frequently Asked Questions 2018 (425 KB)   


Youtube Videos:




Online Education:

Netball Australia has updated the online learning portal for the "Rules of Netball Theory Examination" (formerly known as Level 1 Umpires Course and Section 1 Umpire Theory).  To complete these exams please go to the MyLearning Netball Portal.

MyLearning Netball Portal



Rules of Netball Theory Examination (formerly known as Section 1 Umpire Theory Exam)

* Participants will be able to print a certificate if they obtain 70% or over

* If a participant does not choose a response it will be marked as incorrect

* If the participant pass the exam they will be provided with their score and information about what question/s they got correct/incorrect

* If a participant fails they will not receive a score or information of what questions they got correct/incorrect (please refer back to your rule book for the answers)

* Anyone can sit the exam at any time (day or night) with unlimited attempts until you get a pass mark

* More information can be found on the Inner Western Suburbs Netball Association website


Coaches & Managers: Please ensure you have organised your umpires every week during the season, penalties/fines apply to teams failing to provide an umpire, as well as to the FDAS team playing


Umpires: All umpires - juniors and seniors - are required to sign in 15 minutes prior to the start of the game at the Administration Block Umpires window