This grading policy is a working document. Changes may occur coinciding with any changes to the IWSNA By-laws and with new volunteers. This is a guide only for players and parents so that they can be better informed of the process.

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When did the Club introduce grading?

The Club historically graded from 12's years but it became increasingly apparent that our girls were being out played by other teams from other clubs that graded their 10 years players.

After much deliberation, and to also stay in touch with the other clubs, it was agreed that our Club would also commence grading from 10 years in order to give our girls a fairer competition. Grading from 10 years commenced in 2009.


Why do we grade?

"Netball" is a graded and competitive sport from the ages of 10 years with representative opportunities.

The reason we grade our 10 years is to ensure that all players of all varying abilities get to play with, and against, players of similar skill level. It is important to keep in mind that our teams are playing against highly competitive and well skilled opponents, these teams have all gone through the grading process at their own clubs.

Stronger players always enjoy the challenge of harder, faster competition - they do not develop to their potential if graded to a lower team just to be kept with a friend. Similarly, players who are placed in teams above their ability will also not develop to their potential when being constantly overshadowed by more talented players around them.

In this environment these players may become disheartened and lose self-esteem. All this helps to produce a fairer level of competition, a better fit within a team, more individual confidence and a more constructive learning experience.

NB: It may become apparent that players may need to be re-graded. The Club re-grades players as a case-by-case basis. Re-grading could take place for players older than 10 years. It is certainly not meant to offend any players or parents. It is not a personal judgment of any child or family. Although winning is part of being competitive it is not the sole objective, but neither is losing each week by an uncompetitive margin.


Grading Personnel

Our grading personnel are experienced coaches within our Club who bring their knowledge and impartiality when assessing the skills of our players. From time to time the Club will invite independent graders from other clubs or associations to assist with the grading process.

Where a conflict of interest exists (for example, the grading session involving a child of the grader/s) that member shall stand down fro that particular grading session.

During this time we do ask the girls what positions they enjoy playing but also consult with the coaches to nominate at least 2 positions they feel are the player's strongest positions - this is not to disadvantage but to provide opportunity. Towards the end of the season we ask the coaches for an evaluation of their players in areas such as skills, attendance at training and games, teamwork and attitude. All such reports remain confidential and are viewed only by the Grading Personnel and the Club's Executives. (sample Coach Evaluation Form attached below)

document FDAS Coaches 'Player Evaluation' Form (46 KB)

In assessing the skills of a player the Grading Personnel will take into account:

  1. Footwork
  2. Speed & Agility
  3. Ball handling skills
  4. Attacking skills
  5. Defending skills
  6. Perception/Cognition skills
  7. Sportsmanship & Attitude

Grading may include a number of activities including various netball training drills but will always include a session of actual on-court play. Players will be formed into teams and trial in at least 2 positions that they have nominated or were nominated by their coach.

Players unable to attend the practical grading session will need to notify the Grading Personnel prior to the grading day. Placement into a team for this player may be based upon paper grading taking into account the Coach's evaluation report. A failure to attend grading may lead to dissatisfaction to the player. All players are strongly encouraged to attend the practical grading as paper grading may result in disappointment.

On occasions the Grading Personnel may recommend an entire team be nominated for a competition of a higher age group to ensure they are provided with an appropriate level of competition. Such nominations will be made only after consultation with that team's Coach.

At a coach's request the Grading Committee will also assess a player (or players) for allocation to the appropriately skilled team in the future.



Parents and players are encouraged to enjoy the experience of meeting new friends and playing partners where team changes occur. The support of parents is greatly encouraged for this to occur smoothly. In most case there is not a great deal of change to the team make-up.

We agree that all our Club members are excellent netballers and we are proud to have them as representatives of our Club. We understand that each player strives to be better and would like some recognition of that effort and achievement.

Please be proud of the team and give it your all when you are at training and playing a match. Look forward to making new friendships. For parents, please be objective and reasonable and make sure your child feels happy and excited about playing netball. Please be aware that we want your child to be successful and that it's not about being in Division 1 or Division 4, it's about being in a team sport, having fun and learning as much as you can, but also being able to be competitive at a similar skills level.