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FDAS Gala Day 2024

The annual FDAS Gala Day for 8-14yr players will be SUNDAY 24 March 8-11.30am.

FDAS is proud to announce that we are THE LOWEST COST NETBALL CLUB IN THE IWNA



Registrations now CLOSED. We will then accept further registrations at any time to fill places in teams. Contact the relevant registrar, details below.



For Uniform purchases AFTER you have registered please use this link:



10yrs - Seniors




FDAS accepts registrations at any time during the season






New Players welcome. FDAS has teams in all experience levels. Please contact our registrars. FAQ will answer most of your pre registration questions, you can find them under the Information tab above. Boys also welcome. Boys up to the age of 12 can play in their own age group. Boys turning 13 are eligible for mixed or all boys competition depending on what competition is being run by IWNA.

JUNIOR REGISTRAR - Mini's to 12 years 

Andrew Russell

Bruno Lorizio

REGISTRAR - 13 to 15 years 

Lee Carnemolla

REGISTRAR - Teams 16 years and above

Andrew Russell 


Bruno Lorizio

2024 Registration cost:

Net Set Go          (5-7 years in 2022)             $120

Junior                    (8-15 years in 2022)         $180

Cadets                  (16-17 years in 2022)        $200

Seniors/Open    (18+ years in 2022)              $220

Uniform cost (compulsory dress - players 8yrs and above) is $60.00

NSG 5-7YR MINI MAGPIES – T Shirt and player pack is provided as part of your registration. You are not required to purchase a dress until the Junior or 8yrs competition.

Uniform Orders

To order uniform items after you have completed registration go to the FDAS Uniform Shop.


2023 Winter Season FDAS Final Results


C4  Jades 

14/2 Falcons

Runners up

C2 Phoenix

Cadet 5 Rubies

14/5 Owls


The "Playing Up" Rule. 

From IWNA By-Laws

1.3 PLAYING REGLATIONS 1.3.1 Players

(a) Players and their photo identification card will be sighted by the opposing team at each game by placing a notation on the score sheet in the appropriate area. (In extenuating circumstances, the Executive Committee has the authority to override this bylaw without setting precedent) UNSIGHTED PLAYER penalty applies.

(b)  Any late registration not approved by the Grading Sub-Committee will be deemed ineligible.  INELIGIBLE PLAYER penalty applies.

(c) A player may not play below their registered grade.  INELIGIBLE PLAYER penalty applies.

(d) Players may play in three games of a higher grade than originally graded and still revert back to their original grade, but on playing the fourth game in a higher grade must stay in the fourth team.  Player becomes ineligible to play below that grade.  INELIGIBLE PLAYER penalty applies.

(e) Players who are playing up from a lower grade must have their details noted on the score sheet and their photo identification card must be sighted.  UNSIGHTED PLAYER penalty applies

(f) When fielding more than one (1) team within a grade, teams shall not interchange players across the same grades.  INELIGIBLE PLAYER penalty applies.

(g) Junior players are not permitted to play more than 2 age divisions greater than their current age with the exception of 14 year olds (in the year of competition) who may play in all grades of the Cadet division.  INELIGIBLE PLAYER penalty applies.

(h) Eligible players may participate in up to two games in any one competition round.  No more than two (2) players from any lower grades may participate in any one game.  INELIGIBLE PLAYER penalty applies.

 (j) To be eligible for the finals series, players must take part in at least three (3) competition games with the same club.  This includes games won on forfeit or games abandoned by the Association.


1.2 REGISTRATION 1.2.1 Registration Procedures

(i) No players, under the age of 18 years in the year of registration are to be registered, unless they have provided proof of age as 2.1 (h).  Application may be made to the Association in exceptional circumstances. Applies to new members only - if a member has played in a Netball Australia competition previously proof of age is not required.

(k) No player under 15 years (in the year of competition) is eligible to be registered or play in a senior team.

(l) A team may be registered with not less than five players on the written application by the Club Secretary to the Grading Committee Convenor.

(m) Clubs will receive a penalty of $150.00 if any of their team(s) withdraw after completion of competition fixtures and will be liable for registration fees paid to Netball NSW.

1.2.4      Definitions

INELIGIBLE PLAYER - Player who by their grading/age/failure to obtain approval from the Grading Committee, or any other reason is not eligible to play in that grade/age/round.


Loss of two (2) competition points by infringing team.  No goals recorded for Infringing team.

Non-infringing team have the goals scored by them recorded.  Game to count as game played.

UNSIGHTED PLAYER - Player who has not been sighted in accordance with By-Law, Section 1, 1.3.1 (c)


Competition game

Junior – Per occurrence - $20 fine

Senior – 1st occurrence - $20 fine & written warning; thereafter loss of two (2) competition points and no goals recorded for infringing team

Semi-Finals & Finals

$100 penalty to be paid prior to the next final series game.  Team members will be required to attend at a pre-determined time before the next game and have their photos sighted for that next game. 




If you have any questions please e-mail a club official. If anyone is in doubt to rulings before, during or after games please contact an FDAS Executive member for clarification.



FDAS Netball club



FDAS would like to thank Canada Bay Club for their continued support. This ongoing support helps FDAS and its members in the following ways. 

- One of the lowest fee structures in the IWNA

- All uniform items sold at or near cost

- All NEW players receive a free training shirt included with their registration

- FDAS pays for or subsidises all player and coaching clinics

FDAS encourages all of our members to show their support and visit the newly refurbished Canada Bay Club at 8 William St Five Dock.



FDAS would like to thank Tthe NSW Government for their support. This support helps FDAS and its members in the following ways. 

- One of the lowest fee structures in the IWNA

- All uniform items sold at or near cost

- All NEW players receive a free training shirt included with their registration

- FDAS pays for or subsidises all player and coaching clinics


Sponsors / Community Supporters

pink panther thanks

FDAS would like to give thanks to the following organisations for their continued support to our Cub:


Canada Bay Club, Five Dock

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Internet Host oz4host     OZ4HOST


Wet Weather

The IWSNA Website and Facebook feed provides the most timely access to Wet Weather cancellations.


A decision on calling off MORNING games due to inclement weather is made at 7:30am on the day of play by IWSNA.
A decision on calling off AFTERNOON games due to inclement weather is made at 12:00 noon on the day of play by IWSNA.
The Inner Western Suburbs Netball Association (IWSNA) wet weather phone number is 8250 2025 where a recorded message will be left.

The FDAS Club will announce cancellations by posting it on the website and Facebook.  It is then up to the Coaches/Managers to nofity each of their team players.